My Progress As Self-Taught Web Designer

Since my main web site is in maintenance I am transferring most of my post here.

As you might not know, I am in progress of studying web-design and I am writing whatever I have learnt, my resources, experiences and thought for future reference. So here it goes.

Updating from June 14…”I started to read book about web design in January. At that time, I was reading and practicing exercises from Learning Web Design, 4th edition written by Jennifer Robbins. I got distracted from web design around March to focus on building my youtube channel and around May, I started again and registered for 2 design courses in OCAD. The courses I took in OCAD do teach me the foundation of web design, however, I still will not recommend anyone to take the courses if you are not going to put time in the week to practice writing code or revising what you have learnt. One of the reason is the courses I took, though priced cheaper than most web development courses you can get here in Toronto, there are no assignments, homework etc. I realize web design is not difficult but require your hard works than your IQ, because if i do not put extra time to study during the week, there is high chance you have no recollection of what you studied in your next class. After almost 2 months studying, I have started to be able to imagine how a website is created, for example, I could look at a web site and know their html structure and how they create their design. And I do still need help from google…

Everyone have different way of studying but here is one of my studying methods and resources.

1. Web Design from Toronto Reference Library.

2. Attend meet-up


4. Development Tools: Im using coda and dream waver, using coda more for small exercises. only use dream weaver if i want to practice writing the whole actual webpages.

5. Design classes at Ocad.

6. Others resources from Google

Lastly, the technology is always changing so even though you are confident with your skills you need to always update your knowledge”

Updated July 2nd…

I started picking up actual project and apply whatever I have learnt into it. Then I realized I still need to learn a lot to be able to do web designing from a to z. Im almost done with the home page but I wasn’t completely happy with my design, especially the typography part and I feel it lack of consistency. I have some struggle with Java/ Jquery so I just mostly used the Jquery plugin, it is easier and require less time to learn.

Other new studying resources.

1. Codeacademy- it helped me a lot nailing down the basic of Jquery and understand what the code means…

2. Khanacademy -right now im doing it for fun- im still at the java drawing part.

I dropped the membership with since I am also busy studying google analytics and using different sources I do not use it much at the moment.

I am using mostly Sublime Text now. Dreamweaver sometimes is slow to load and same with Coda.

Updating July 4th…

The project is picking up quickly except for a few small areas. I am happy with the new fonts after doing some research. However, the final result is still depend on the client.

Moving ~


I would like to tell all of my followers and friends that I am moving my site to


Please check my new site for future updates and more.


Thank you all for your support!!




IF you read my previous post about how to post youtube video to Instagram. Now that I have figured out the fastest way, Im so happy to share. So what is it??

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.26.13 PM

Just do Step 1 guys, go to en. and click to download under .mp4. It would go straight to Download folder in your Gallery if you owe an S4 like me.

Yay. So much time saved!!!



DIY Ipad Mini Leather Case – A Collaboration with

Hey guys, Im so excited announcing my first time working with and definitely appreciate my girl, Ni for teaching me how to work with leather.

We have so much fun filming the video together and I have learnt so much. However, I just realized it is not easy at all to work with leather even though Ni tried to show me one of the easiest one to learn, the Ipad mini case. Leather is really hard to sew especially if you want to stitch them by hand. Ni let me punches the hole at first but my holes werent deep enough for her needles to go through so it took extra times. Now I feel much appreciated for those leather artists how hard it would be for them to make their items. Because I do love the process, I would like to try again in the near future with different projects. Im so happy that I learned so much about leather in one day. Ni also told me leather looks better as they age. Here is our video of instructions how to make this cool, vintage and fashionable leather case. And here I throw you some tips to rock your looks with your new leather case. Match your leather case with distressed denim jeans and lots of wristlets and bangles and a vintage watch together.


IMG_9995 IMG_9972

Guys, thank you so much for watching. Please check out Ni’s website here and subscribe to my channel.





First Youtube Video(in Eng) Nude Runway Makeup Look

Yes, of course Im no makeup expert and I am not always willing to pay my money for cosmetic all the times (even though I would be more easy-going when it comes to shoes and tech) >TT,TT<

Still, here it goes, my first makeup tutorial in English!! yay!! Please cheer me up a little since i was pulling my jar out trying to speak correctly (yes, i need to learn speaking more, my accent is pretty heavy) 😛

My eyes was terribly red last Friday (probably because of the contact lenses). I promised with my girls hanging out with them in the club while avoiding apply my eyes makeup. It is contrasted with my club makeup all the time- with a lot of mascara/ lash/ eyeliners, eyeshadow and glitters. I called this my Nude Runway Makeup Look.

And here it is.

Thank you for watching and Happy Women Day Ladies!!!!

Instagram Tips Galaxy S4- My first Youtube Video Instagram

So I was looking for a way to Post youtube video to my Instagram on my Galaxy phone.

How do people post youtube to instagram??

Yes I am a new youtuber. I am not confident making video in English yet, my mother tongue is Vietnamese plus honestly I have no chance competing with all of the youtube gurus out there :((

I was watching this link first but this turn out only apply for iphone

Wasted around 15 minutes trying apps in android substituting for the apps she recommended.

Then i searched and found this video.

Thank you MrJayBusch. You saved my life. :))

working for both iphone and android! yay! I should have done it earlier (put “in android” in my search :(( )


First go to


Saved video on google Drive and download to my phone

I tried Androidvid to add text + muting my video  then share to Vivavideo app (they have cool effect)

Share to Instagram again.

What I learned:

– Instagram only allow 15sec of video playing so do take in consideration after trimming your video plus your intro effects

– Type in as much details as you can for your search. Missing information would cost you extra time.

Tada! My first video Insta

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.16.15 PM

Not perfect but w.e :)) By the way, it was a tutorial video how to make the hat in the picture. My channel Here

Check out my Instagram & follow me!!! ❤

Have a great day everybody ❤

My favourist outfit *2012-Present Part 1


My trip to South Vietnam- I love cool accessories/ that colourful scarf made cool headband. That bucket shoulder bag from my mom- she have so many cool stuffs :0 and the zara crop top that i think i sold it away. That fashion tote also bought in Vietnam trip- selling it for 10- pickup toronto downtown here or pm me.


I cried. I bought those goodies: bag/ pants/ top in Thailand and lost them while moving- only pictures left.


This shirt is so common lol. but i like it cuz its so cutee ❤

Winterlicious is back! My trip to Red Lobster, La Petite France, Auberge du Pommier and Canoe

Time to bombard food photos. Yay!!! I did have fun time playing with #photogrid #afterlight and #instamag

Friday 13th Feb 2015 Red Lobster aka Chattime chilling with my girls

I havent hang out with them for so long- def one of the best night out ever, especially before Valentine day. (we could heard couples whispering Happy Valentine Day beside our table). Haha – i left my bf chilling with his laptop at home Friday night.

Our girl talks still as Loud, Stupid & diRty as ever! lol

Since 4 girls hanging out alone before Valentine, a couple of incident happened. We got invited to hang out with some other guys but we rejected it. & there was this viet guy passed by our table @redlobster & told me he understood Viet & what we said (all my friends went to WC & left me there alone when he came to talk to me). I told all my frds afterward, all of us were like…”you heard our talk???omgggg” Not to mention we were all of laughing not so long ago about how we were so lucky no one here understand our language. :)))


We were also constantly looking at the live window @chattime to see if our hashtag instagram+pictures there. We saw it in the end but its too fast we couldnt take pictures.

Friday Feb 6th 2015 La Petite France Winterlicious/ 7West Cafe friends reunion 


We all thought La Petite France was in downtown- turn out its in Etobicoke. This family owed restaurant was full of older people- we were the only young group there. :0

The food turned out to be so good- does not look as fancy as Canoe but this home comforting food tasted so yummy/ im so in love w the chef’s seasoning- yum yum. The dessert was so nomnom too- we all have Poire Belle Helene (peach with vanilla icecream & chocolate sauce?) the chocolate moose was sold out & we all werent so fond of lemon tarte


La Petite France on Urbanspoon


Later we hung out at the 7 West Cafe to enjoy some sweet &tea- how come I just find out about this gem?? its so close to my house too (the velvet cheesecake is so yum!!!)

Sunday Feb 1st 2015 First Winterlicious @ Canoe

Me & my boyfriend were kinda lost inside the path before going to Canoe (it was such a snow-storming day too & we were having a fight over choosing the direction)

I must say the courses were a feast to the eyes. And thats the end. The price were too high for us to consider going back again.

Oh~ and it is also my first time seeing a proposal inside the restaurant.

I heard:”omg , you are so mean”. Looking up, thinking “are they going to fight?!2#@. And saw this guys in his knee & took out the ring. Thats so sweet, I do wish them a happy life forever:).  Still, if it were me, I wouldnt like the idea of proposal inside the restaurant full of people looking at you like watching some kind of movie.


Canoe Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Sunday Feb 8th 2015 Winterlicious @ Auberge du Pommier

Though they actually the same chain of company with Canoe, one thing i have to say about this place, the Service is Top-notch – best I ever experienced. I also like the ambient elegant atmosphere, nice decoration and soft music.

The food is so delicious- well worth the price. I would rate 5 star for this experience.


Auberge du Pommier on Urbanspoon

Thats sum up for my half of Feb weekend. 🙂 lalala~

Small Project 2015




I have been using extra time I have over Christmas & New Year break for small projects. First picture is the scarf I made for myself recently- I made it in 2-3 days, i attached the heart to cover small mistakes that I was too lazy to fix. 2nd Pictures is the scarf I made for my bf as Christmas present- though it was handed over to him during NY time 😛 . That scarf took me more time since the pattern is more complicated (fisherman’s rib)





#nofilterforhim #vscocam

Happy knitting!!! ❤

Happy New Year 2015


I will try to sum up everything I did over the holiday since Christmas…

1. Finish “The Edible Women” by Margaret Atwood.

I have not read for a long time. I think i did something like creating a reading list every new year and never really finish it. So at least 2014 I have read a book. Compared to the number of manga I read, it is probably nothing but this is an effort that I made at the end of the year to encourage myself reading more in 2015.

Honestly, i guess because i was born in different generation so i was not really understand about the written issue. Or maybe because I do not owe a TV &  not watching commercial often I am not be able to sympathize with the main character much? Or because I am in my good times, my appetite is so good that prevent me to comprehend why would people deny food?? Food is not the problem, the main character does not even cook properly, and what the hell with her being okay eating that much sugar but not protein or meat? *excuse my thought… She cant eat food because of all of the increased surround media?  she cant eat food because of stress or social conformity? unable to figure out what she want?  I do feel sorry for people who are so affected by all of the social expectation and common marriage standard that they forget about their own self. After all, it is her doing trying to be someone that “fit” with others and failed. However, I do see myself in the main character that we all have problem that we have to pull through ,there are  times we can really take it no more then just w.e with it. We drink, we drunk, we ran, trying to escape and in the end, lets ruin it all, we are happy and back to ourselves… whatever the consequences…

I know I should stop applying myself in the book but that just describe how much i have enjoyed it. Overall, it is a really good book, I find characters such as Ashley and Duncan amuse me. I do want to know a little deeper of other character thought, do they appear as described? what the bachelor Peter think about Marian behavior? what would be his reason? I found Len Slank difficult to understand- his feeling are too easily to be swayed by reasons (from love to disgust – from cool charismatic young man to a crybaby)…

2. Finish knitting late Christmas present for my bf today. Pic update later…it is def time consuming (since he asked me something not expensive but with a lot of effort)- sometimes can be a little addicting if you start knitting- 🙂

3. Getting to know new roommate. She is 19 & really cute- I tried to put make up and help dressing her up for the holiday.:)


4. Have my allergy test and turn out I have cat allergy, the doctor said i will be okay with my cat as long as I take extra caution. more research works to do in the new year. #nofilter


5. My Niagara trip with my bf. We went to Pillar & Post -Niagara In the Lake. We booked the Warm Up to Winter Package and only pay for the room but we have access to all of the facility including hot springs, gym, sauna & indoor swimming pool. The first day we walked around historical town for sightseeing & after go back for hot springs. Second day we went to Niagara Falls, we are so lucky to see Lights rehearsing her songs for NYE. Her voice is so good it sent chills. After we walked Niagara downtown and comeback to see Niagara Falls Lights at 5pm and saw Shawn as well as Nick Jonas rehearse their parts. We rushed back to Pillar & Post for dinner at Cannery Dining Res- the rumored 4 diamonds res. And rush to hot springs after eat and wake up for the last hot spring time in the next morning.



Tips: We bought our own beer, it is really refreshing to drink beer after hot springs… Stay away from the 1st floor cuz it is so noisy. Even in the 2nd floor, I was waken up by people cuz they dont have soundproof. The fan in our washroom does not work & they did not give me the conditioner as well as we do not have one of the rope in the first day. Also, there are no slippers- they said they ran out of it. So if you do book a room there at the end of the year, do bring extra slipper, conditioner, toothpaste & other necessaries- i do find their hand soap really dry. The dinning is not really worthy for >60 buck a person. The service is super slow- the server forgot to bring me sauces for my dishes- she spent too much time chitchat with other tables. Wat to expect for 4 diamonds?

6. What I bought in 2014...

1) Olympus Pen 16MP Mirrorless Camera with 14-42mm II R Zoom Len to substitute for the recent broken Sony Nex 3.  I have also tested Sonyalpha6000 in the holiday but i did not like it- it was used and over-rated- I do like the alpha7 but it is too expensive for me.

2) New lipsticks. Little Pretty by Marc Jacob. Nars & Crazy Tangerine- Lancome. I bought them while Sephora having this email promotion of $15 off for $50 or more purchase. The Lancome ones I bought in The bay while doing seasoner part-time for them.

2014-12-11 04

Crazy tangerine -Lancome. the holiday orange color that i never have.


I adore the color ❤ Little Pretty is the little dark sparkly purple. I also mix with YU from Nars to get the color from picture. #nofilter

3) Microsoft – Dell Venue 8 Tablets. $99. Lining up for more than 3 hrs to get this-it is cheap but now i do not really know why i get this thing for- it is difficult to use- not many apps. connection s*ck & always have to update to use it. Currently, it is used as Mabu’s little TV – he loves his bird channel.


7.Holiday dress idea.

I did not have the chance to put on my holiday dress. I decided not to step out of the house dec 31 because weather reason. I hate cold zzz… so i rather countdown in front of the tv but i did save some pictures while trying some clothes…


Top: Thrift

Accessories: Forever 21

Skirt: Milliemeno

Shoes: Aldo

anyway…time to sleep. Good night and…

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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