Im glad I went to SXS class today. The instructor, Daniel is super nice. She going to Tough Mudder Next week too but on Saturday. Then I will not be able to come to her Sunday class because Im going to volunteer in Tough Mudder on Sunday :< Instead I booked my class on Thursday. Still, my whole body already in pain. :”<

It is my lazy day. Im so lazy to start cleaning or studying. And its chilly in the room so just want to curl up under my blanket. :< Should watch Hoarders right now!!

Ive managed to cook early for my lunch and dinner tmr cuz its gonna be super busy day. 2 classed + work πŸ˜›

My friend got her credit card preauthorized to pay BECAUSE IM A GIRL $37 a month until 2053. What the hell?? She said she thought she only donated $37, according to the BIAG guy she met on her way to school. That why you should never use your credit card for charity in the street. @@

I figure out to leave my hand cream near the dishwasher sink, next to my dish soap. Motivate myself to put on my handcream everyday after washing the dish!

My team member/ classmate just sent an emails. This team is so lazy & so slow in answering the email. :<



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