DIY Jewellery Holder Stand

I have this fabric closet until my cat tore & scratched the fabric every morning and made it  so miserable to look at.


That him at the top of my old wardrobe. The wardrobe used to look like this:



So I took the cover away & tried to leave the frame to hang my clothes.



It could not stand after all. My cat is heavier than his look & left crack on the frame (yes, blame everything on the cat).

I do not want to throw it away. So I made it into a jewellery holder stand. And it Works!!

All you need is small rope (bought in dollar store), scissor, metal strings & your creative mind.


Here is closer look


I used the rope to tie the frame together. Metal strings to make bracelet hook. I used my old skirt for the top of the stand, later attached some pictures & bow.

The finished look.







One thought on “DIY Jewellery Holder Stand”

  1. nice jewelry stand, I can buy it from you? Also, good creativity to change the cat scratched closet to a jewelry stand idea!

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