Break Up Like A Man Or Like A Coward

This Is A Note For The Guy.

If you break up with a girl because you do not like her. Tell her on her face that you do not have feeling for her.

If you give her a different reason, whatever the reason is, It means that because you are lacking and do not have the ability to make your girl happy. However, sometimes you may consider to be a Coward because Cool & Strong girls get over those coward very quickly. Then Sorry. You will miss the opportunity to be with her.

And For The Girl


I know it is painful to hear from someone you like that they do not like you. However, this is a little advice.

1. Be Confident. Hey there are always people out there who like you. Start the line from your dad, your brother and your cat/dog.

2. Love Yourself. Tell them: “Really? You do not like me? I like myself so much!. What do you not like about me?”

3. Think of It Like An Experience. And think about what you should do for The Next Chapter.

4. Cry Out Loud. It is okay to let it out.


p/s: we all will be fine. You will feel hungry after crying. Bubble Tea? Macaroon? Sweet?? Hmm… Yum.
Breakup is bitter. Yes. But everything tastes better after!!



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