CGR. Not Canada Goose Review. Not about some Global Real Estate Fund Index. This Is Customer Gum Review. This is about GUM.

And I included gum, breath strips, mints candies and anything to freshen your breath into single word”Gum”. Anyone know better word for it?

Ok. Lets Start. I know you think this is weird. But have you ever thought of gum would be a part of what identify You.Me. Or Others?

Chewing Gum 

This ad was so popular in VN back when i was young. They always have this “Rymth Of The Rain” song for the Double Mint Commercial. I didn’t know a lot of gum brand, but for sure I know of that brand because the song is so good. Not to mention, everyday I heard of the same ad.

I did not eat lots of gum then. The Adults said that if you swallowed the gum then you probably die or something. Similar to if you eat the waterlemon seeds, waterlemon would grown in your stomach.

Bubble Gum 


It was so popular in my middle school that every kid would buy this pink bubble gum, try to chew it & try to blow it as big as possible & then “Pop!!”

I was curious & love to follow the trend, Still I remember I would keep chewing it until all the sweet was all dissolved and the gum became distaste. I hate it by now. Remind me of the feeling my teeth would clashed to each other & created this difficult-to-describe uncomfortable noise.

The Classic SugarFree Gum 


My Highschool day, I think my friends were so cool. They always have a pack of gum with them & sometimes asked me if I would want some. There are many brands with different packages and flavours. I thought guys with 5 Gum looked more mature & cooler.

Wrigley’s Eclipse Mints in Tin Box


University day I found my favourite. The Eclipse Mints In Tint Box. It is so cute & different. I feel so special because i was the only one among my friend eating it aside from the normal gum. I thought I was a start of the trend or something when 2 of my unifriend started to buy it following after me.

Not long ago, I talked to one of them:”Hey, I used to eat that a lot too.” He was like:”Yea.Remember. I started to buy it after you”.

Well, I stopped buying it. The box popped out many times & the candies were spilled all over my bag.

Tic Tacs ®


I remember I used to date this guy. & His favourite is the Tic Tacs. So he would buy me new box of Tic Tacs many times after we ate out. We broke up. The last box (I still remember it was the Orange ones) he bought for me was still with my stuff for a long time until I moved out & lost it.

Listerine ®Pocket Paks ®Breath Strips


My Current Favourite. First know of this from my friend. The strips provide a little solution, you can feel the mint spread over on your tongue. And I like my tongue to be cleaned and freshen. lol

It is a bit more expensive. But at the same time the new breath strips make me feel more confident, like a sort of getting into the character of this modern, cool city girl. It is in my first 10 items I must carry in my bag.

I remember I also come across those Lemon Drops or Mint Candies too. But I wasnt into them like the others.

Final Note

I dont think it will end. Who know in the future I might into some kinda of other gum. So keep up the hard work Wrigley, Tic Tac or Listerine.


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