Great Comic Books To Read This Summer


1. Guardians Of Beings -Eckhart Tolle & Patrick McDonnell 

guardians 1

If you are familiar with Power Of Now of Eckhart Tolle, why dont you check out Guardians Of Being. Also Great Gift For Pet Lovers!!!

2. Selfish Pig – Andy Riley

Haha- This is my stress-relief book. Hey -dont misunderstand. Im not selfish-but yes. sometimes I want to be selfish. Look at him- He enjoys to be selfish. Same author with Bunny Suicides.

selfish picg


3. The Tiny Books Of Tiny Stories – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The book have 3 volumes- red, blue and yellow. It is a collection of artworks from the internet. It is awesome & fun to read haha.& dun forget to check out lip sync contest between Gordon Levitt & Jimmy Fallon here.

4. Seigi No Mikata – Hijiri Chiaki

I love this manga so much. This is the story of two sisters, the older sister -Makiko is known as “ally of justice” and “perfect” women by everyone but her younger sister. And because only the younger sister know about her sister’s split personality. In fact, Makiko likes to play pranks and get revenge on others but always end up doing good thing for them. The manga also has a drama version but I do like the manga better. The original character is not as pretty as the one in drama and I guess they need to pick a pretty actress to attract viewers. Still, I think it would be funnier if they would have picked a plain looking actress for Makiko role.



















You can read vol 1 online here.

 5. Hirunaka No Ryuusei – Yamamori Mika

This is about a triangle love between 2 hot guys and a normal looking girl- typical shoujo story but its so cute. No judge- :3



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