Random Update 1


1. Earrings

Just found out a new hobby. Collect earring pieces. So sad that my skin heal so quickly. My left ears- 3 times I punched it, Right- 5 times. & only left survive. Haha- what left when you are so right??


My next earring wish-list- Check out those cute items at MillieMeno. Enter the coupon for 10% discounted Meno10

2. Cat Fight. 


My cat was playing with the broom & he attacked me while I was trying to pick it up from him. He didnt recognize me after my one month trip to VN. I failed to notice that he was hissing at me, a strange one just entered his territory. T.T & I ended up in the hospital with bites and scratches. Bandaged. Wounded. Instead of being angry, I was just so tired from 24 hrs sitting on the plane. Troubles come after another. We have no ideas what life going to throw at us.

3.Signs Restaurant

My friend is doing marketing for Signs Restaurant. The first restaurant in Toronto with professional deaf servers. Its Totally a awesome idea so that You Can Support Deaf Community and Learning How To Order Menu Using Sign Languages. Check it out with the link.

We also have fun time chilling In The Red Bench with Best Toronto Organic Frozen Yogurt and this Massive Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies.


4. Ending

Whatever comes. Whatever. You always have Friends. Family. & Someone Special Beside You. & Sometimes you just Need to close Your Eyesblog


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