This Weekend I…

1.MMVA Beauty Bar


It is such a great day that even though we were in the long waiting for the MMVA Beauty Bar, we could listen to Imagine Dragons “Demon” & “Radioactive” rehearsal in live next to us!!!! Me & my friend were so excited that we started jumped on our feet, danced & sang along. Too bad I could not take any pictures of them because the line were too far on the side of the stage. Still, its good being able to listen to their singing for real.

We went inside the Beauty Bar after the long wait. It was quick but there was still more ppl waiting outside too!. Our make up lady is kind enough she did both our eyes & lips. Afterwards, everyone received swag bags with lots of freebies inside. (see picture below).


With Cham. The lipstick sure have brighten her whole looks.


From the left side, hair spray, mouse, shampoo, BBCream sample, mascara & razor & a Turn It Up Frame, we also got 2 small packs of Excel Giveaway on our way to Eaton.


A Sneak peak of MMVA & not to mention, I can feel the ongoing World Cup season everywhere. Top right side, a bought a German sausage hot dog on the way. “Hot dog bought in dt always taste so good”, Cham commented.

2. Weekend Foodies


We have steamed fish on Friday night. The trick to every good steamed fish, a whole lots of green onions & ginger to take all the fishy smell away.

Saturday, I decided to cook Pho Bo Kho, traditional Vietnamese dishes, below is all of my ingredients. Cant go further than the authentic ones if you have the right ingredients!!. The only thing I dont have is sweet onion which I thought I still have it in stock.


From top left: honey, salt, pepper. Top right: rice noodles (banh Pho), seasoning sauce, 5-spices, tapioca starch, marinated beef (I choose a beef flank). Bottom from left to right, vegetables, anise stars, lemon grass, tomatoes, carrots & potatoes. 


I always pan-fried the meat first before putting them inside the pot.


The completed Pho Bo Kho, always put chopped green onions, cilantro or coriander for the final looks.

Haha. Bonus flowers picture & this cat I saw when I was cooking.


3. Weekend Movies


Groundhog Day (1993): Watch this movie after the recent famed Edge of Tomorrow (2014) noticing both two main female leads named Rita (wonder if they have any connection?). I have also read the manga All You Need Is Kill/ Hiroshi Sakurazaka (not the light novel, I know the novel came first) before watching both movies (lol I always quick on manga updates more than movie updates). I know I should read novel too, the novel is always better then the movie. Anyway, 2 movies are 2 different genres but highly rated and definitely worth watching!!!


Source Code (2011): One of top-must watched mysteries movies with great action and thriller. Similar with both above mentioned movies that the main characters could go back again & again at one point, though he can only go back for only 8 minutes.


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