How To Save Money On Food If You Are Living Alone

Hello friends,

This is the tips I collected & learned from my years of living away from family.

Rule 1: Only Shop For Food On Sale.

Before shopping for food on Sale, remember to:

1. Read the expiration date

2. Look around carefully, especially the meat, sometimes they put old meat on the top.

3. Look mostly for those that are ON SALE

4. Know how to pick your food, vegetables & fruits.

5. Understand the measurement. (pound, kg, gr…)

Tour many markets to confirm the price. Remember your frequent shopped items. Remember its lowest price. Compared with its lowest sale price when you shop. Ex: I remember one time broccoli hits $1.14. I dont shop for broccoli that over $2.

Sometimes, where you shop is also important but also remember each markets always have its better and lower priced item depended on its suppliers.

Rule 2: Box It Up When You Cook. 

How you cook is also important. I remember a lot of time I bought vegetable & meat & after I cook, I have to throw away a lot of food because I cant finish all of them. So I figure out for example a $2 Gai Lan could be eaten 2 or 3 times without throwing any food away by separate and divide my gai lan bunch into 2 or 3 others bag after washing it. The same with meat and other foods.

So Lets Me Tell You More.

Imagine you have a little lunchbox in front of you. After put rice or noodle in bigger part of the box, What else would you put in?

If you have a piece of salmon steak or beef steak (divide by half in 2 box for lunch & dinner). Or you can also switch the steak with 2/3 pieces of chicken wings or thighs. Then vegetables on the side. Dont forget your soup if you do have. You can add cookies, fruits & others deserts for the smallest part of the box.

Benefits: you have full meal courses without worrying about throwing away left-over.

Remember Rotation Rule: Always eat whatever that you know would soon expired or going bad & leave the new groceries at the very end of the fridge.

Ok I know some of easy, cheaper dishes you can make such as the classic pasta. Still, I dont recommend anyone to eat junk food or less healthy food all the time. I am personally have really bad ingestion problem with pasta noodles.

I really love this show. Save With Jamie, by Jamie Oliver. He teach people what to do with leftovers. A lot of helpful tips & tricks too. You can search & watch him on Youtube, even though all of his episodes will not be there. I watched till episode 7. However, I think they deleted it for copyright violation. Try your local library to see if they have it. & link to his book here. 


Rule 3: No eating out. 

If you can restraint yourself from eating out, you’ve already saved a lot of money.

P/s: Please Feel free to add comment and suggestion. There is no absolute right to everything.


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