Learning from Mistakes to My Cheap & Quick Home Staging Buying Guide Checklists.

This is Quick Staging Buying Guide for Bedroom And Bathroom for new vacant rooms.  We do not cover the kitchen & living room since we do not have enough time to install or build in kitchen tables or bringing more couches, etc.

I am a beginner.  Still, my love for home decor & my frequent market touring give me some ideas where to get stuffs. So lets start.

Firstly, before you want to put anything inside the room. You want to make sure there is no dirt on the floor. The wall and ceiling is clean & no marks, cracks or holes. Same as windows.  And remember:

Less is better. Take out all clutters.

Because we only have 1 day to get all of the stuffs, I follow some certain rules for quicker buys.

1. Colour. If your room is dark & need more lights, get neutral colour or WHITE.  Brighter room you can have more colours but if you are not really good at mixing colours then refer to Colour Wheel or Chart. You do not want to have too much colours in your room. And It would stress you in the later buys. Even when to reorganize and put everything together.  This is what happen to me.  It still bugs me that the red flower painting is not complement well with the purple pot on the right.


2.Consistency. You want to have consistency between two bathrooms or among every bedrooms too. It also quicken your buyings. For example, every bedroom I pick the same white rug. A same flower pot and candle & scent holder trays for every bathroom.


3. Size. Consider the room sizes in your buying. If your washroom is small, you do not want to put cabinets, chairs, table stands or whatever inside. Keep it simple & clean.  Same with bed room, you do not want a big nightstand take away all of the space inside the room. Then maybe it is a better idea to replace it with a floor lamp.

4. Money Matter. Read the tag before you pick it up. You never know if your bills could go up considerably because of some towels that $10 each.

5. Add number in you Checklist.  Forgetting to add number and it results to having not enough pillows, nightstands or rugs inside the room. Especially when you have shorter prepare time before your estate team ready to make video & picture it.


Have to put Smaller pillow from others room because we forgot to buy pillows !!! 

Home Buying Checklist: (w/o number added)

 1. Bed Air.

2. Duvet/ Bed Sheets

3. Pillows.

4. Mirrors(it make the room look bigger- normally mirror is put in front of the entrance when people entering or in the corner.

5. Carpets or Rugs

6. Night stands or Floor Lamps.

7. Flowers Pots. (optional)

8. Painting or Clocks (optional)

9. Towels/ Curtains

10. Baskets Or boxes

. washroom

 Stores To Visit.

1. Walmart

2. Ikea

3. Canadian Tire

4. Thrift Stores. (For paintings & arts)

There no way you can run away from the Cost of Buying from Start to Finish. Therefore, if you have the Power Of Lending And Borrowing from friends and family, do use them. laugh*


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