Friday Night Weekend. Japanese Film Festival

On the same day earlier in the afternoon, I came out of my house checking out the close by ramen place, Sentosei Ramen on Yonge Street.  I ordered my favourite Tokatsu with thin noodle. However, the soup turned me off, it is a little too salty to my taste.

Rating: 3- stars.


Later I went to watch The Snow White Murder Case directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura, a crime mystery movie that smartly input attributes of social media, especially twitter. More specifically, the anti-protagonist is a Twitter Ramen Reviewer later played a third-rate melodrama detective . It is a really good movie. Rating: 4&1/2 stars (because I never give perfect marks laugh*). It triggered curiosity from the audience. It is funny and illustrates the negative side of social media.  And I can’t really help making a joke tweeting my ramen review on my Twitter about how related it was between my movie night & my lunch on that same day.

Friday Night Weekend Outfit.  Cant really hide my excitement for the movie,  maybe I went a little overboard with red.

DSC09962 DSC09990 DSC09992

Experiment with the cat-eye.





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