Finding my memory card…

I found it- my memory card. Found it while cleaning up the room – I would be so sad losing all of the photos & happy time spending on dressing up & take pictures.

I love clothes. I am not a brand- name fan. I love clothes & would try to make it look nice on myself, does not matter whether they are already worn, torn or look old ( obviously, I think I enjoy going thrift shopping than enter the mall hehe). ๐Ÿ˜€ I am simply enjoy mix & match clothes.

I havent taken any pictures for so long. I decided to priorities work & others before blogging, travel & personal entertainment for now, since last time my bf dropped my camera & broke the lens (future shopย is nice enough to make a refund for me since they could not order the same one for me). I am so lazy to do my skincare daily as well as dressing up. I do not even care about wearing contact lens when I go out anymore. :< thats a little bit sad. but i am saving & preparing for the next awesome summer. Be more responsibility & start thinking more about future…

Reading this today. Thought: I do not consider apply the man situation into mine. I wouldย always leave a saving aside so that I can always visit & be with family when needed. There is a lot of people in the world that might not travel to anywhere else but their own country… helping poor people is good intention but I feel like this man should put his own family first. How would you be able to help anyone when you can not even fulfil your duty as a father, as a son…








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