The thing I should have said…

I went to drink with my bf & his guys on a Tues night. I know it is unusual, we went there after a product launching party. Well, i was sitting at the bar, righthand side is my bf group of people, left hand side are strangers. My bf came up to say hi to the guy sitting beside me after his washroom break, we were all just exchanging a few words and some introduction. Afterward, my bf went to talk to his co-workers, leaving me, who also stranger to everyone (first time seeing his colleagues) with the guy he was just talking to. So we exchanged few words, about my country and so on. Unintentionally it might appeared to the guys that Im flirting to other guy while my bf is here, well i just laughed at them & said there nothing. Still, the other guys pulled me to sit on the other side of the counter, I was confused about what to do. It came to me later that night that I might put the other guy into a really uncomfortable situation, he looked confused too. More importantly, I should have turned over to him and said “sorry, hope you understand” or”have a good night” than just abruptly left and said nothing.

I was in middle of my shift for my part-time job. I am working as seasonal associate at a department store, my job mostly cleaning up, put the items at the right place, refill the stocks and so on… During a busy evening, I saw this lady taking a lot of gloves from the shelves and put them on the displayed merchandise table close by. Then I saw a lot of gloves on the floor full of dust and they all are so dirty, one missing the tag. I came over and ask “do you need help with anything?”. She said no and abruptly asked me” Can I put the gloves here and look at it?” I was confused about what to do. I was a little shock to begin with looking at the scene. The word just slipping out of my mouth “ok”. Then I just grabbed whatever gloves on the floor and some on the table and put it back. I got a little irritated of the situation after seeing so many gloves got destroyed, i came over again and ask: do you need any size?. she repeated again in stronger tone that she want to look at them. i went away with unsettled feeling after cleaning it up. Later, i saw other gloves on the ground again. This lady have to messed up the whole thing just to find a pair of glove!!! I thought about it again and again. I asked my co-worker what to do too because I kinda have the mindset that you have to be nice to all of the customer. One of the co-worker told me that I could call the security guy. Thinking about the situation, I should have said to her question: “No, sorry we hang all of the gloves on the shelf so that everyone can look at it and you can not also use this table, this is only for the displayed merchandise”, “if you want to choose a pair of gloves, let me hang all of them up to you, you are welcome to try but please put it back after to right place so that other can also look at it”… well, my first retail job. I have learned my lesson.


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