First Youtube Video(in Eng) Nude Runway Makeup Look

Yes, of course Im no makeup expert and I am not always willing to pay my money for cosmetic all the times (even though I would be more easy-going when it comes to shoes and tech) >TT,TT<

Still, here it goes, my first makeup tutorial in English!! yay!! Please cheer me up a little since i was pulling my jar out trying to speak correctly (yes, i need to learn speaking more, my accent is pretty heavy) 😛

My eyes was terribly red last Friday (probably because of the contact lenses). I promised with my girls hanging out with them in the club while avoiding apply my eyes makeup. It is contrasted with my club makeup all the time- with a lot of mascara/ lash/ eyeliners, eyeshadow and glitters. I called this my Nude Runway Makeup Look.

And here it is.

Thank you for watching and Happy Women Day Ladies!!!!


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