DIY Ipad Mini Leather Case – A Collaboration with

Hey guys, Im so excited announcing my first time working with and definitely appreciate my girl, Ni for teaching me how to work with leather.

We have so much fun filming the video together and I have learnt so much. However, I just realized it is not easy at all to work with leather even though Ni tried to show me one of the easiest one to learn, the Ipad mini case. Leather is really hard to sew especially if you want to stitch them by hand. Ni let me punches the hole at first but my holes werent deep enough for her needles to go through so it took extra times. Now I feel much appreciated for those leather artists how hard it would be for them to make their items. Because I do love the process, I would like to try again in the near future with different projects. Im so happy that I learned so much about leather in one day. Ni also told me leather looks better as they age. Here is our video of instructions how to make this cool, vintage and fashionable leather case. And here I throw you some tips to rock your looks with your new leather case. Match your leather case with distressed denim jeans and lots of wristlets and bangles and a vintage watch together.


IMG_9995 IMG_9972

Guys, thank you so much for watching. Please check out Ni’s website here and subscribe to my channel.






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