My Progress As Self-Taught Web Designer

Since my main web site is in maintenance I am transferring most of my post here.

As you might not know, I am in progress of studying web-design and I am writing whatever I have learnt, my resources, experiences and thought for future reference. So here it goes.

Updating from June 14…”I started to read book about web design in January. At that time, I was reading and practicing exercises from Learning Web Design, 4th edition written by Jennifer Robbins. I got distracted from web design around March to focus on building my youtube channel and around May, I started again and registered for 2 design courses in OCAD. The courses I took in OCAD do teach me the foundation of web design, however, I still will not recommend anyone to take the courses if you are not going to put time in the week to practice writing code or revising what you have learnt. One of the reason is the courses I took, though priced cheaper than most web development courses you can get here in Toronto, there are no assignments, homework etc. I realize web design is not difficult but require your hard works than your IQ, because if i do not put extra time to study during the week, there is high chance you have no recollection of what you studied in your next class. After almost 2 months studying, I have started to be able to imagine how a website is created, for example, I could look at a web site and know their html structure and how they create their design. And I do still need help from google…

Everyone have different way of studying but here is one of my studying methods and resources.

1. Web Design from Toronto Reference Library.

2. Attend meet-up


4. Development Tools: Im using coda and dream waver, using coda more for small exercises. only use dream weaver if i want to practice writing the whole actual webpages.

5. Design classes at Ocad.

6. Others resources from Google

Lastly, the technology is always changing so even though you are confident with your skills you need to always update your knowledge”

Updated July 2nd…

I started picking up actual project and apply whatever I have learnt into it. Then I realized I still need to learn a lot to be able to do web designing from a to z. Im almost done with the home page but I wasn’t completely happy with my design, especially the typography part and I feel it lack of consistency. I have some struggle with Java/ Jquery so I just mostly used the Jquery plugin, it is easier and require less time to learn.

Other new studying resources.

1. Codeacademy- it helped me a lot nailing down the basic of Jquery and understand what the code means…

2. Khanacademy -right now im doing it for fun- im still at the java drawing part.

I dropped the membership with since I am also busy studying google analytics and using different sources I do not use it much at the moment.

I am using mostly Sublime Text now. Dreamweaver sometimes is slow to load and same with Coda.

Updating July 4th…

The project is picking up quickly except for a few small areas. I am happy with the new fonts after doing some research. However, the final result is still depend on the client.


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