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Instagram Tips Galaxy S4- My first Youtube Video Instagram

So I was looking for a way to Post youtube video to my Instagram on my Galaxy phone.

How do people post youtube to instagram??

Yes I am a new youtuber. I am not confident making video in English yet, my mother tongue is Vietnamese plus honestly I have no chance competing with all of the youtube gurus out there :((

I was watching this link first but this turn out only apply for iphone

Wasted around 15 minutes trying apps in android substituting for the apps she recommended.

Then i searched and found this video.

Thank you MrJayBusch. You saved my life. :))

working for both iphone and android! yay! I should have done it earlier (put “in android” in my search :(( )


First go to


Saved video on google Drive and download to my phone

I tried Androidvid to add text + muting my video  then share to Vivavideo app (they have cool effect)

Share to Instagram again.

What I learned:

– Instagram only allow 15sec of video playing so do take in consideration after trimming your video plus your intro effects

– Type in as much details as you can for your search. Missing information would cost you extra time.

Tada! My first video Insta

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.16.15 PM

Not perfect but w.e :)) By the way, it was a tutorial video how to make the hat in the picture. My channel Here

Check out my Instagram & follow me!!! ❤

Have a great day everybody ❤


Small Project 2015




I have been using extra time I have over Christmas & New Year break for small projects. First picture is the scarf I made for myself recently- I made it in 2-3 days, i attached the heart to cover small mistakes that I was too lazy to fix. 2nd Pictures is the scarf I made for my bf as Christmas present- though it was handed over to him during NY time 😛 . That scarf took me more time since the pattern is more complicated (fisherman’s rib)





#nofilterforhim #vscocam

Happy knitting!!! ❤

DIY Jewellery Holder Stand

I have this fabric closet until my cat tore & scratched the fabric every morning and made it  so miserable to look at.


That him at the top of my old wardrobe. The wardrobe used to look like this:



So I took the cover away & tried to leave the frame to hang my clothes.



It could not stand after all. My cat is heavier than his look & left crack on the frame (yes, blame everything on the cat).

I do not want to throw it away. So I made it into a jewellery holder stand. And it Works!!

All you need is small rope (bought in dollar store), scissor, metal strings & your creative mind.


Here is closer look


I used the rope to tie the frame together. Metal strings to make bracelet hook. I used my old skirt for the top of the stand, later attached some pictures & bow.

The finished look.