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Save Money On Hair Products.

1. Save Money On Hair Products


I have natural curly hair, I have a really hard time with it when i were young because most the kids around me have straight hair. When I got into high school, I kept going to hair salon twice a year to do permanent straighten to my hair. I was not happy with the colour of my hair either. It is not really black like most Asian girl, it is more gray so I dye it continuously for three years to brown, dark brown or golden brown. My hair ended up really dry and a lot of split-ended.

I tried a lot of ways to make it better. Buying expensive shampoo & conditioners. But then I got more dandruff I have to change back to old shampoo. Eventually, I dont use conditioner anymore, I start to use hair masks. I washed my hair & shower separately. I only use cold water because hot water is not good for your hair. It took a long time for my hair to look better. Besides shampoo & hair mask, I also use oil, put it directly after shower, when hair still wet. I figured out I dont have to spend more money on those stuffs. For better results, I apply coconut oil (I bought it for 7$ in Costco) on my hair once in a while too.

My $40 Survival Curly Hair Kit

1. Your favourite shampoo (Head&Shoulders Classic Clean $5.68 in Walmart)

2. L’Oreal Hair Mask (there are many kinds but its around $7.99 or lower if on sale)

3. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion 245 mL (>< $7.99)

4. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Booster (><$7.99)

5.Coconut Oil (~$7).

2013-01-10 21

This is my natural hair without using hair curlers. No photoshop.