April Fool. Black Out.



It was snowing this morning. In the Middle Of April. I was enjoying cool weather for two days and its back to chilly chilly again. Still, there are always reason to dress up nicely. Especially Have to look for anything White.

Top from H&M, necklace from Forever 21 (bought a lot when they have this %30 all jewellery on sale)

There were black out in the whole bloor/spadina area running till bay street. Luckily, my area is fine so I walked home from work.

Maybe today is the Real April Fool. Said my boss.




DIY Jewellery Holder Stand

I have this fabric closet until my cat tore & scratched the fabric every morning and made it  so miserable to look at.


That him at the top of my old wardrobe. The wardrobe used to look like this:



So I took the cover away & tried to leave the frame to hang my clothes.



It could not stand after all. My cat is heavier than his look & left crack on the frame (yes, blame everything on the cat).

I do not want to throw it away. So I made it into a jewellery holder stand. And it Works!!

All you need is small rope (bought in dollar store), scissor, metal strings & your creative mind.


Here is closer look


I used the rope to tie the frame together. Metal strings to make bracelet hook. I used my old skirt for the top of the stand, later attached some pictures & bow.

The finished look.






Cheap Fashion



Bought this denim jacket half priced for $20 in 4ever 21. Bit difficult to mix bc the printed number on the jacket. I wore this outfit to Botanical Garden. Haha. This is rather more of coffee or street style outfit. That day I have my nails blue+ blue tights +green cardigan. My nerdy glasses also bought in 4ever 21 for $7.






Part 1. Roommate

I used to talk about my old roommates like talking about my ex bf. Or maybe they are even cooler than most guys I dated. Even though we all parted our way at one point in the future, I would never forget all of our memories together as well as lessons we learned from each other.

I first moving out from family at age 23. I have 4 roommates since then. In 2 years. They all have different personalities. They all are very 4 different person. We may have fights, lots of misunderstandings. &  we may not talk to each other anymore. Lets be a bit more understanding. We are all very human. And Woman.

Fact. I have liked all of them. I like all of them even now. I talk proudly about them that all of my roommates are Pretty. Smart. Confident. Talented. Most importantly, they have taught me a lot of important lessons in life.

Today, I want to dedicate this post especially to one of my roommate. She moved out this early April to pursue her dream. And maybe we will not be able to see each other again.

Part 2. Inspiration And Flashback 


I dont like the word “positivity”. I feel like most people abuse the word without understanding what is the real meaning of it.

Positivity is not all about having fun. We do not go out and spend money shopping on food, clothes and called that positivity. You saw all marketers and sale person talking about being happy and positive. But are they sure of the correct way to generate positivity?

But to eventually get to the point of understanding it a little bit more, Ha is the first person introducing me about it.


We have our tradition “Drinking Friday” and “Meditation Sunday”. Well, we did not really to commit to our tradition every Friday or Sunday. Still, it helps resort our feelings, be true to ourself, let go of the past, forget the stress and especially forgive others and accept who we are.


 You can see the address for meditation gathering. Free meditation and free meal. yes you can donate and be kindly give them your support. On the right side is our Friday wine bottle left after drinking. 


 Ha’s idea to sooth any sad guest or our-selves. haha. turn out till now only me & her have taken them. 


We bought lights to decorate our home, printed quotes from pinterest to cheer ourselves up. We enjoy to brighten up our room with pictures, paintings, inspiration quotes & other cute decorations.

Below is some of our little projects.




Some Flashbacks

Here are some pictures and video when we were together. :). Remember the fun time. Hehe

2013-09-29 16.50.21

Tough Mudder Volunteer 2013.


Ovarian Cancer Walk Volunteer


10 Things I have learnt from you.

1. Respect each other Privacy

2. Let each other know if you are being kind to them.

3. Being Positive.

4.Being Creative is So Fun After All

5.Dress Up Nicely

6. Some cooking Recipes & Tricks. :))

7. Have Fun but when it comes to Work or Interviews. Be Serious. Give 200%

8. Relationship & Health Advices.

9. Being Confident.

10. Keep following your dream.

& more…

Part 3. Letter To You

“Dear Ha,

I want to wish you best of luck ever in your next journey. You are my big inspiration. I am one of the lucky few to see your progresses reaching to your dream. Hey you are almost there. And I am happy for you.

Sorry I was not able to be with you and see you off when you leave Canada. You know well of me that I am not that good showing my emotion. I did not cry when you leave. But to assure you that you are important and though this is weird, but I feel like you are always with me, laughing. You are the best when you smile. Always Smile. 🙂




Pumpkin Cake Test 1

2013-10-11 13.21.12

First Attempted Failed errr

My friend said the burned part look like chocolate covered lol

I forgot & put it on the first rack of the oven near the heat. & even forgot to tuen over “bake” from”broil”

Recipe mentioned putting 2 cups of sugar. I only put 1 3/4 & it so sweet alreadyy… errr

less sugar & more careful next time

Thanksgiving Food +Birthday Food 1

Thanksgiving Food +Birthday Food 1

So I decided to make braised pork for my early birthday. I followed the recipe in this link http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/anne-burrell/braised-pork-shoulder-recipe/index.html.
Still, I forgot about the coriander & cumin seeds. Im not used to using those ingredient, though I did buy them. I was kind of modify a bit with the recipe, I dont have mustard, never put mustard into my dishes…so I put in sesame oil & soy sauce( sound weird?) but it actually turned out good.


Im glad I went to SXS class today. The instructor, Daniel is super nice. She going to Tough Mudder Next week too but on Saturday. Then I will not be able to come to her Sunday class because Im going to volunteer in Tough Mudder on Sunday :< Instead I booked my class on Thursday. Still, my whole body already in pain. :”<

It is my lazy day. Im so lazy to start cleaning or studying. And its chilly in the room so just want to curl up under my blanket. :< Should watch Hoarders right now!!

Ive managed to cook early for my lunch and dinner tmr cuz its gonna be super busy day. 2 classed + work 😛

My friend got her credit card preauthorized to pay BECAUSE IM A GIRL $37 a month until 2053. What the hell?? She said she thought she only donated $37, according to the BIAG guy she met on her way to school. That why you should never use your credit card for charity in the street. @@

I figure out to leave my hand cream near the dishwasher sink, next to my dish soap. Motivate myself to put on my handcream everyday after washing the dish!

My team member/ classmate just sent an emails. This team is so lazy & so slow in answering the email. :<


Beef Stew

Beef Stew

First Time making beef stew, I thought i failed terribly since it looked like beef soup at first. After cooking it for another hour, finally it liquefied. But then the water all gone because I put too much corn starch inside. 😦 I only put carrots & beets & onions since that all what left inside the fridge. Look a little nasty cuz its all red. Still, my roommate said it taste good and Im glad it is 😀

First Love Yourself Others Will Come Next