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My favourist outfit *2012-Present Part 1


My trip to South Vietnam- I love cool accessories/ that colourful scarf made cool headband. That bucket shoulder bag from my mom- she have so many cool stuffs :0 and the zara crop top that i think i sold it away. That fashion tote also bought in Vietnam trip- selling it for 10- pickup toronto downtown here or pm me.


I cried. I bought those goodies: bag/ pants/ top in Thailand and lost them while moving- only pictures left.


This shirt is so common lol. but i like it cuz its so cutee ❤


Timarose Online Fashion Shop Coming…

Dear friends and followers,


I am happy to announce you my new soon launching etsy & ebay shop Timarose.  Please expect more happy news with more giveaways, freebies and discounted clothes or accessories the upcoming months. Please follow and like our facebook website here, checking out upcoming instagram and twitter for more news.

Remember to follow my blog. A little teaser from Timarose.


A @Timarose