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Parkdale LabCab Festival.

Another weekend have passed by, so many things happened and here I am struggling with how to write it all down. I have bad memory, the days was so fun and certainly I do not want to forget any single details…

I love festivals in Toronto and all among the festivals that I visited recently, this is one of the best, the most fascinating and entertaining  in Toronto. You can read about Lab Cab festival here.  The festival started during the week of July 26-27 and we came there  Sunday, July 27.

Upon arriving to the festival in which we start walking down from Dufferin and Queen Street East intersection, everyone received a little handbook from the volunteer.


Inside the handbook, you will see all of the details about the events, shows, performance and workshops happening in Queen Street West intersecting Dufferin until Roncesvalles Ave.  A little tip next time for anyone coming to the festival, look at the time of the event happening and match it with your starting point or your located area. For example, the event would start at 2pm from dufferin/ queen street and continuing to the next street in the next hour or so.

I did not go to all of them because of a little “ket-chup” to my friend birthday later in the same afternoon, still, I was lucky to be early to the festival and be able to enjoyed myself as much as possible that day.

1. BBQ Free Lunch

The BBQ free lunch started at 2pm in Dufferin Amphitheatre. We were 15 mins early so we could get into one of the first lines.


Good times the band started preparing too and around 2 there would came the singer.





Can you believe this all for free? 2 packs of Meal-to- Go with Hot dog- corns, potatoes and a free pop of your choice!!!

While you are waiting, you could listen to French songs and people dancing (me dancing )

2. One minute portrait. 

In the same amphitheatre, we also have little workshop where you can get free children face painting and one minutes blind portrait.

Since I am not a kid anymore, cry* I cant get a colourful face painting so I run up to the blind portrait. >>> Blind portrait is something that when the artist draw your face by looking at you (this is a little awkward) without looking at his or her canvas.

She said the picture doesnt do me justice. I said it looks lovely to me and ask for her signature.


oh! I do love it-hehe  ❤

3. Free The Bird.

We went to The Workroom – a participated event venue for the festival. It was kind of a bizarre performance.

Anyway, I do love the tea party theme in the garden at the back of the workroom. Lovely tea & welcoming host. 🙂



I didnt take many pictures because of the shutter phone noise.

4. Terrarium Workshop 

We also went to the terrarium workshop in Crown Flora Studio, I did not know we have to book for the workshop and it was all full. However, they gave out beautiful flowers for free in front of the store. I gave it later to the birthday girl (my friend birthday is on the same day- we went to Ten-ichi, please look forward to my next restaurant review).


Pardon my sickly face.

5. Others. 

There was this experiment that look like to a staring contest to me- but it is spiritually- amusing to my bf. You can find it here – it called how can I kill you after look into your eyes?

The experiment consists of 2 people sitting opposite of each other & have to look at each other eyes until another person want to replace you and they would tap lightly on the participating person’s shoulder. Later, each participants would need to record their thoughts into the notebook. Which later I found it here

As he explained to me “it is difficult to kill someone after you see aspect of yourself in them”…

I felt awkward & I was so glad some guy came up and tap him out.

Oh. Obviously cant wait to show you guys my new Oxford vintage shoes- bought in Common Sort.





Summer Festivals Week

It has been a crazy week. I went to Film Festival on Friday , Taste Of Asia on Saturday and watching fireworks on Mississauga Celebration Hall on Tuesday. Maybe not that crazy for everyone but for me, it was hectic. Well, except for work I was mostly staying at home before that… and this is some of the stuffs I have learned from my long weekend.

1. Say No To Street Food

Well, Eating hotdog or street burgers when you are hungry is a good thing. But Not when You Try to mix up a combination that You dont know what It going To Taste Like or when you Decide To Try This Never Heard Of Asian Food. Like me last Weekend…


Yes, I waited in line for $7 oyster omelette. Tastes Ok. Like some eggs jelly sugar sticky things with 4 oysters and the spicy sauce on top. I wished they gave me more oyster. Back to my thought>>> Hmm, I always went to this &1 an oyster place every Mon & Wed near my place. The fresh of oyster taste , horseradish and lemon are awesome. Their oyster is big too.

Then Seafood To Another Seafood, I waited in a longer line for the $10 fried squid, decided not to take the $15 deal for 2 because I am not that brave enough to trust that I would finish all of them, or I just want to save my stomach for other foods. And then finally until my turn after all this stomach growling from the BBQ Squid smell, I have spit it out the moment I chew the squid. IT IS RAW> came back & ask them to cook it again. later STILL RAW.


I gave up on the squid. Walk to another line of Hongkong Style Stinky AKA Smelly Tofu. Thought that the more stinky it is, The better it may taste. I was wrong. Stinky Tofu is just a normal Deep Fried Tofu with this hell of A Smell In It. Especially after that Raw Squid Incident. I Just Want to Go Home.


2. Pride Day. Freebies Day. Color Day. My eyes booming with Rainbow. I think I could shoot some rainbow laser. laugh* It was Fun.

I love freebies. So even if ppl come up to me and give me some male deodorant or cond**, still gladly accept it. It is free. lol. And freebies everywhere in Pride Festival, free concert, free hugs, free smile…


>>>Only this one time when this really nice looking lady came up to me & gave me a sticker with a smiley face on it. My reflection & my thirst for freebies came before my judgement and my brain. I was smiling and say “thanks”. Then she said “if you could give some coins to me, you are a very nice girls…”I was dumbfounded. Then I smiled. Here it go. 50 cent for some stupid looking smiley sticker.
Sorry. She did not know I am really Cheap too. >>>Beware Of Beggar Tactics.

3. Canada Day. We played Glowing Color Volleyball In The City Hall. Havent seen any Fireworks for a long time too.

The best part about Canada Day is I could listen to so many good singers same day. I really like this guy named Francesco Yates, his singing and not to mention, his hair.


Of course My Favourite Moment Was When everyone around me starting to Laugh and Act Like A kid, Jumping & Dancing after those Colourful Big Balls.


So I am going to skip the firework to everyone imagination (tired…) and hopefully I can dream about it tonight.