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My favourist outfit *2012-Present Part 1


My trip to South Vietnam- I love cool accessories/ that colourful scarf made cool headband. That bucket shoulder bag from my mom- she have so many cool stuffs :0 and the zara crop top that i think i sold it away. That fashion tote also bought in Vietnam trip- selling it for 10- pickup toronto downtown here or pm me.


I cried. I bought those goodies: bag/ pants/ top in Thailand and lost them while moving- only pictures left.


This shirt is so common lol. but i like it cuz its so cutee ❤

American Dream

Im always slow on update since US Independence day has been over. Still, this is what I wore on that day.  My friend asked me if I actually in US. laugh* Fact is I was at Costco enjoying my $1.50 hotdog with pop.





DSC00536 DSC00540  DSC00550 DSC00561


Thrifted Lilu sweater 

Short bought from Thailand

Converse Sneaker 

Gifted Bandana, earrings. 

Handmade necklace.