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Winterlicious is back! My trip to Red Lobster, La Petite France, Auberge du Pommier and Canoe

Time to bombard food photos. Yay!!! I did have fun time playing with #photogrid #afterlight and #instamag

Friday 13th Feb 2015 Red Lobster aka Chattime chilling with my girls

I havent hang out with them for so long- def one of the best night out ever, especially before Valentine day. (we could heard couples whispering Happy Valentine Day beside our table). Haha – i left my bf chilling with his laptop at home Friday night.

Our girl talks still as Loud, Stupid & diRty as ever! lol

Since 4 girls hanging out alone before Valentine, a couple of incident happened. We got invited to hang out with some other guys but we rejected it. & there was this viet guy passed by our table @redlobster & told me he understood Viet & what we said (all my friends went to WC & left me there alone when he came to talk to me). I told all my frds afterward, all of us were like…”you heard our talk???omgggg” Not to mention we were all of laughing not so long ago about how we were so lucky no one here understand our language. :)))


We were also constantly looking at the live window @chattime to see if our hashtag instagram+pictures there. We saw it in the end but its too fast we couldnt take pictures.

Friday Feb 6th 2015 La Petite France Winterlicious/ 7West Cafe friends reunion 


We all thought La Petite France was in downtown- turn out its in Etobicoke. This family owed restaurant was full of older people- we were the only young group there. :0

The food turned out to be so good- does not look as fancy as Canoe but this home comforting food tasted so yummy/ im so in love w the chef’s seasoning- yum yum. The dessert was so nomnom too- we all have Poire Belle Helene (peach with vanilla icecream & chocolate sauce?) the chocolate moose was sold out & we all werent so fond of lemon tarte


La Petite France on Urbanspoon


Later we hung out at the 7 West Cafe to enjoy some sweet &tea- how come I just find out about this gem?? its so close to my house too (the velvet cheesecake is so yum!!!)

Sunday Feb 1st 2015 First Winterlicious @ Canoe

Me & my boyfriend were kinda lost inside the path before going to Canoe (it was such a snow-storming day too & we were having a fight over choosing the direction)

I must say the courses were a feast to the eyes. And thats the end. The price were too high for us to consider going back again.

Oh~ and it is also my first time seeing a proposal inside the restaurant.

I heard:”omg , you are so mean”. Looking up, thinking “are they going to fight?!2#@. And saw this guys in his knee & took out the ring. Thats so sweet, I do wish them a happy life forever:).  Still, if it were me, I wouldnt like the idea of proposal inside the restaurant full of people looking at you like watching some kind of movie.


Canoe Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Sunday Feb 8th 2015 Winterlicious @ Auberge du Pommier

Though they actually the same chain of company with Canoe, one thing i have to say about this place, the Service is Top-notch – best I ever experienced. I also like the ambient elegant atmosphere, nice decoration and soft music.

The food is so delicious- well worth the price. I would rate 5 star for this experience.


Auberge du Pommier on Urbanspoon

Thats sum up for my half of Feb weekend. 🙂 lalala~






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Summer Festivals Week

It has been a crazy week. I went to Film Festival on Friday , Taste Of Asia on Saturday and watching fireworks on Mississauga Celebration Hall on Tuesday. Maybe not that crazy for everyone but for me, it was hectic. Well, except for work I was mostly staying at home before that… and this is some of the stuffs I have learned from my long weekend.

1. Say No To Street Food

Well, Eating hotdog or street burgers when you are hungry is a good thing. But Not when You Try to mix up a combination that You dont know what It going To Taste Like or when you Decide To Try This Never Heard Of Asian Food. Like me last Weekend…


Yes, I waited in line for $7 oyster omelette. Tastes Ok. Like some eggs jelly sugar sticky things with 4 oysters and the spicy sauce on top. I wished they gave me more oyster. Back to my thought>>> Hmm, I always went to this &1 an oyster place every Mon & Wed near my place. The fresh of oyster taste , horseradish and lemon are awesome. Their oyster is big too.

Then Seafood To Another Seafood, I waited in a longer line for the $10 fried squid, decided not to take the $15 deal for 2 because I am not that brave enough to trust that I would finish all of them, or I just want to save my stomach for other foods. And then finally until my turn after all this stomach growling from the BBQ Squid smell, I have spit it out the moment I chew the squid. IT IS RAW> came back & ask them to cook it again. later STILL RAW.


I gave up on the squid. Walk to another line of Hongkong Style Stinky AKA Smelly Tofu. Thought that the more stinky it is, The better it may taste. I was wrong. Stinky Tofu is just a normal Deep Fried Tofu with this hell of A Smell In It. Especially after that Raw Squid Incident. I Just Want to Go Home.


2. Pride Day. Freebies Day. Color Day. My eyes booming with Rainbow. I think I could shoot some rainbow laser. laugh* It was Fun.

I love freebies. So even if ppl come up to me and give me some male deodorant or cond**, still gladly accept it. It is free. lol. And freebies everywhere in Pride Festival, free concert, free hugs, free smile…


>>>Only this one time when this really nice looking lady came up to me & gave me a sticker with a smiley face on it. My reflection & my thirst for freebies came before my judgement and my brain. I was smiling and say “thanks”. Then she said “if you could give some coins to me, you are a very nice girls…”I was dumbfounded. Then I smiled. Here it go. 50 cent for some stupid looking smiley sticker.
Sorry. She did not know I am really Cheap too. >>>Beware Of Beggar Tactics.

3. Canada Day. We played Glowing Color Volleyball In The City Hall. Havent seen any Fireworks for a long time too.

The best part about Canada Day is I could listen to so many good singers same day. I really like this guy named Francesco Yates, his singing and not to mention, his hair.


Of course My Favourite Moment Was When everyone around me starting to Laugh and Act Like A kid, Jumping & Dancing after those Colourful Big Balls.


So I am going to skip the firework to everyone imagination (tired…) and hopefully I can dream about it tonight.